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At Ben’s Auto Detail Center , we take the guesswork out of vehicle cleaning and special services. We have invested adequately in our equipment to get it right the very first time. The brands we use are trusted by us and appreciated by our customers. Ben’s Auto Detail Center offer a wide range of cleaning and special services, including:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Car Dealer Trade
  • Professional Upholstery
  • Cleaning
  • Scotchguard 3M
  • Protector Services
  • Deodorizing by
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Automotive Trim
  • Restoration
  • Exterior Restoration
  • Interior Restoration
  • School Bus
  • Detailing
  • Window Tinting
  • Ceramic Film
  • Windshield/Chip
  • repair
  • Motorcycle Detailing
  • Boat Detailing
  • Hand Car Wash
  • Acid Rain Removal
  • Paintless Dent
  • Removal
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Auto Window Replacement
  • Limousine Detailing
  • Emergency Vehicles

Ceramic Coating

A protective layer that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s factory paint. Adds a deeper shi...

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Do you need a professional auto polishing service for your car to make it shiny and smooth? Probably...

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Headliner Replacement

When it comes to your vehicle interior thing, a worse, saggy or a separated headliner can be very mu...

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Window Tinting

Has your existing tint bubbled due to excessive heat? Are there any scratches or cracks in your tint...

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Exterior Paint Correction

Super Deluxe Exterior Paint Correction with 1 year warranty Acrylic Polymer Application....

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Ozone Pre-Treatment

Ozone is very effective because it will circulate throughout an area and eliminate odors at their so...

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Super Deluxe Full Detail

Wash / Buff for Light Scratches and Dull Paint / Shampoo carpets and Seats / Dress Dash / Clean Head...

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Exterior Restoration

Buff out light scratches, heavy oxidized paint, remove paint defects, and glaze to an incredibly lon...

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Windshield Replacement

High end and low end from A-Z by appointment and confirmation only. With new windshields only. Mobil...

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Interior Restoration

Deep soiled carpets, seat and carpet removal, carpet dying, leather seat dying, leather and vinyl re...

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Dent Removal

Dent removal is fast and affordable. It is a cost effective solution to dings, dents, creases, hail ...

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Exterior Trim Restoration

Our black plastic trim restorer and gray plastic trim restorer will make door handles, mirrors, body...

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Ben’s Auto Detail Center provides high quality professional car cleaning and detailing services!

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