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Detailing is taking the time to get your car looking SPARKLING clean no matter what condition your vehicle was in before. Detailing the interior of the vehicle includes adding a conditioner to the interior, steam cleaning carpets and mats, seats, clean door jambs,condition dashboard and use brushes to clean interior of small crevices.We use high quality wax on the exterior to protect the vehicle from the sun and other debris that get on the vehicle. We have very high expectations to meet when we clean your vehicle.

You should have your exterior of the vehicle waxed by a quick test you can do yourself when you rub your hand across the vehicles paint and it feels smooth you will not need it waxed. When you rub your hand across it and it doesn’t feel smooth then you need to get it waxed. Different color cars require a lot more attention like the dark colored cars

Vinyl needs to be treated a couple times a year-especially when it is hot and sunny to prevent the sun from fading, drying and cracking. There are a lot of conditioners you have to pay attention to depending if it is real leather you need to spend more money on that type of conditioner for the interior of the vehicle. When you condition the vehicle it helps you save the money you would pay to get it fixed or replaced. It also keeps your interior looking it’s best and having the New look.

You should have the exterior of the vehicle polished when you see that the paint is fading or discolored. This process includes a light compound,then a paint sealant then we wash and wax your vehicle. The same process we use to restore the paint on the vehicle can also remove any surface scratches the vehicle has on it.

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